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Title and Page Number I Tim Lai-Smith

My passion is music. I love to listen to music, I love to play music, I love to study music and I especially love to teach music!

When I teach music I make sure there is a solid backbone of music theory to accompany the music that some wish to learn. Before the student starts to play a song I make sure they know the title and page number. I often try to catch them out by quoting the title with the incorrect page number.

I was playing piano at a funeral many years ago and unbeknown to me the sheet music had been printed back-to-front. The minister leading the service covered up very well and I doubt many people noticed the issue. If I had looked at both the title and page number there would have been no issue as not too many books start on page 7!

You could be the very best at something, but without direction and knowing exactly what you are doing it can be messy. A simple confirmation before you start is not a bad thing.

Do you have a passion?


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