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The Quest to Workout | Maureen Good

When lockdown started, I envisioned a new kind of productivity for myself, comprising 8-hours sleep, rigorous working hours, home cooked Michelin starred meals, and, yes, regular exercise.

Having been through many exercise routines over the years (team sports, HIIT classes, running away from my problems) and finally landing at the gym, you can imagine my disappointment when, just as I was getting into a rhythm, my gym closed.

Yet lockdown gave me new vigour as I was propelled forward, left, right and centre (mostly bottom left, from my phone) by chants that ‘my body is a temple’, ‘health comes first’, and ‘sign up for this free online yoga class.’

However, the yoga mania soon came to a standstill when I realised that my sofa was, indeed, only a couple meters away from my mat. I persisted: I went on daily runs – for about a week. At last, the gyms reopened, and I could finally get back to guilt-tripping myself into exercising through expenditure!

Ready to face the world again, I re-opened my membership account. All the paperwork was overwhelming, and with social distancing, signing up for classes, time slots… best not risk it.

Once again at a stand-still. Yet this time I was going to find one that stuck. I opened my laptop and after hour upon hour of scrolling, I found it. The holy grail of exercise – weightlifting. So simple, so elegant, so easily accessible on YouTube! So here I am, trying yet another form of exercise in the hopes of getting rid of the leftover homemade bread from March (and no, I don’t mean the stale loaf in the cupboard).

What’s your favourite way to exercise? I think I might take up Pilates next… Will you join me my quest?

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