The Importance of Saying No as a Freelance Translator | Diogo Silva Santos

Anyone who does freelance work for a living will eventually come across this dilemma - should I accept yet another project or have a break from 'all of this'?! The answer is in fact an obvious one - yes, you ought to have a break!

When what we do for a living, and indeed like doing so much, takes us to a point where the option of throwing in the towel and leaving everything behind is starting to be considered a reasonable one, then in order to maintain the reliability of your work; your clients being happy with the quality of it; and more importantly your own well-being, have some time off! How long? Only you can answer this. Just bear in mind that the longer you let stress and tiredness build-up, the worse it will be to effectively recover.

In order to be a successful freelancer, every one of your projects should always reflect you and the quality you can deliver. Bad translations or failed delivery deadlines are the two easiest ways to lose clients! Having the much needed rest and not accepting any more projects because you don't have enough time to do them shows you are a professional freelancer, and mindful of your work's quality.

Get enough fresh air and quality time alone or with your family and friends, and you'll feel ready to work harder and better. Why not start today?

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