The challenge of virtual gatherings I Louisa R

This year, some of us will be able to spend holidays with family and friends, but others will not have the opportunity to spend this time with their loved ones or will choose to stay alone. Many of us will also opt for a virtual celebration, on Skype, Zoom or Teams, aiming to recreate some form of conviviality in these challenging times. But while virtual platforms, are incredibly useful, it is sometimes hard to communicate with one another in a natural manner. With this in mind, here are a few ideas to make your virtual gatherings fun and exciting.

Why not start the meeting by organizing an online game? My personal favourite is Codenames. This game is inclusive for teenagers and adults of all ages and the website is intuitive and easy to use. There are other fun games such as Pictionary (

Sending cards or gifts to be opened during the video call will remind friends and loved ones that even from afar you can still express your affection and show they are in your thoughts. A reminder of which will surely relax all, enabling conversations to be easier and more natural and less self-conscious.

If you cannot be around the same table, why not prepare the same meal? Each household or person can decide a small part of the menu: appetizers, mains, sides, salads, desserts, drinks… Then everyone must prepare the same menu to enjoy during the meeting; quite amusing if people have differing abilities in the kitchen.

The most important thing to remember is that although miles apart, and communication is oftentimes difficult, love is stronger. We must make this 2020 holiday season as fun as possible… Until we meet again in person!

Let us know your ideas for a fun virtual party this season?

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