The Beauty of Language I Ikraan Binyusuf

The beauty of language is not lost on anyone, and emphasizes just how important it is to break down communication barriers between communities. Yes, it may seem like excruciating effort, and yes it may seem as a tiring and daunting new commitment. But is it worth it? Of course!

Throughout the last couple of decades, I have been fortunate enough to witness London- one of the most beautiful cities in the world- turn into a multicultural society, filled with many different traditions and cultures, which has resulted in it becoming one of the most multi-ethnic and diverse cities in the UK. Upon this discovery, I was tempted to try and learn different phrases in languages such as Arabic and Japanese, in order to show other citizens that I am interested in breaking down barriers to learn more about the exotic cultures that have become a part of London.

Why not challenge ourselves to learn more about another culture, perhaps through eating different cultural foods, or learning phrases from a different language, or simply by watching a documentary that explores the importance of language and culture. Try and adopt a hobby which would benefit you and a community within your city.

Are you up for the challenge?

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