Robot deliveries in London | Diogo Silva Santos

One day, all of our deliveries will be made by robots...

In the (not so distant) future, if you see a Starship Technologies robot rushing 'towards' you, don't be afraid! It will just 'zoom' past you, while doing one more delivery. The tiny six-wheeled robot is being designed to make quick deliveries within a 3-mile radius, and the company wants to fully test it in London and three other European cities.

Mercedes has been asked to be a partner in this Starship Technologies' project, in order to study the feasibility of using Mercedes vans as a ride, when delivery areas exceed the robot's limited radius. When the robots arrive at their destination, they will autonomously exit the van and make the delivery. This is obviously quite a smart collaboration between (autonomous?) vehicles and delivery-robots and will certainly revolutionise logistics.

Experts have already pointed to this type of robot as the future competitor to Amazon's drone which is being used by the company to deliver small parcels to some of its customers' front door.

We just need to get used to having robots running past us while doing errands. It should be easy, right?

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