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Pink-tober | Maureen Good

October is a beautiful month that engenders hoodies and blankets to cosy up with on the sofa. It’s time for comfort food, pumpkin spiced lattes and Halloween festivities.

October also happens to be an important month for the cultural celebration LGBTQ+, World Mental Health day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual International campaign to raise breast cancer awareness across the globe.

With a 60 to 80% breast cancer survival rate worldwide, the phrase ‘check yourself’ is becoming increasingly common and crossing cultural boundaries through effective communication to get the message out there. Early detection is the key to recovery and raising awareness is vital in getting early diagnoses to meet Breast Cancer Now’s 2050 goal of 100% survival rates.

Learning to check yourself properly is crucial for people of all ages and gender, as is understanding what ‘normal’ looks like for your body type (skin texture, appearance, shape and size). Checking yourself once a month (including armpits and collarbone) should become standard operating procedure and is part of the message being spread by hundreds of breast cancer charities worldwide.

One UK-based charity Coppafeel does amazing work in raising awareness, working with young people, and organising fundraisers and sponsorships to help fund crucial research. This month, they started an initiative, with two Coppafeel members finding sponsors for a 24-hour trampolining challenge and encouraging others to follow suit and participate in the fundraising. Beyond finding innovative, positive ways to communicate the message, Coppafeel have also set up a monthly text system to remind anyone who signs up to check themselves – so they’ve got you covered in just two clicks (and won’t use your info for anything else)!

Will you sign up to Coppafeel’s monthly text or email reminder and help turn that 80% into 100%?


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