Only Child VS Big Family I Louisa R

As a person who grew up with three siblings, I had often dreamt of being an only child. I didn't want to share, and I always felt that if I were an only child, I would have more. My siblings and I are all adults now and get along very well, but is it better to grow up as an only child or to have siblings?

The main thing about being an only child, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, is that you will get the full love and attention of your parents. It is an advantage because it gives confidence and self-esteem, but it can become a bit tricky when it's time for you to share. Sociological studies have shown that children with siblings are generally more altruistic than most only children. Nevertheless, only children are more prone to socialise and interact with adults and have better relationships with their parents than children with siblings. Of course, in big families, there can be sibling rivalries; the most common one being that a sibling feels less loved by parents, or that they a feel lack attention compared to the others. These rivalries can help with developing a strong character or personality growing up, but it can also be very hard on the child.

My own conclusion is that there is no better option! A child can be unhappy or happy whether they're an only child or part of a large family. Ultimately, it's up to the parents to decide how many children they want. Today, despite all the fights my siblings and I had as kids, I would never want to be an only child, because I love them dearly.

Did you ever wish you were an only child or had siblings?


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