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Non-Verbal Communication | Emma McQuillan

The best thing about adding a friend on Facebook are the new suggestions for “People You May Know” that then appear.

You hardly ever know these people, but you do learn a lot about the kind of people that know your friends by looking at their profile- a picture can speak volumes!

Some people choose not to have their photo, but instead opt for an animal, flower or cartoon image- the reclusive type.

Men often portray themselves doing something heroic, like extreme sports, skydiving or else exceptionally whacky, like being covered head to toe in paint. They want you to believe there is a lot of oomph under the bonnet.

Women like photos in which they look great but disinterested, perhaps under sunglasses, looking away from the camera, or else in front of a landmark. That’s the: “not just a pretty face” shot.

Mums often have pictures of themselves with their kids, and sometimes just the kids! They need to cut the umbilical cord. Dads rarely pose with their children.

But the funniest ones are the “smart” ones. The guys in the dinner jackets, the girls in ball frocks or wedding gowns- they are the social climbers.

Is it just me or are they hopelessly out of place in the Facebook world?

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