It’s never too late... I Tim Lai-Smith

As a musician I often find this time of year very busy. I sometimes get invited to play at concerts, shows or to provide music for some festive fun (either live or recorded).

The other day I was invited to play some music for a small gathering, and I happily accepted and prepared some songs to sing and play on the guitar.

After the session had finished I chatted to a few people, but one conversation will stay with me for a while. A lady told me how she always wanted to play an instrument, but she never pursued her desire. Now in her later stages of life she wished that she had picked up an instrument while she had the chance.

This got me thinking, “What do I wish I could try to learn now?” For me it’s to learn the drums. So this week I have started work on building a soundproof room in my garage, and in the New Year I will pursue my interest and start learning.

What is the one thing you would love to do and is there anything really stopping you?


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