Five of the World’s Most Beautiful Sunsets | Sarah Brown

Why do sunsets stir powerful emotions ranging from awe to inspiration, romance to contentedness?

Here are five places that offer some of the world’s most awesome and beautiful sunsets.

1. Café del Mar - Ibiza

Crowds gather at the front of the beach on a giant rock platform to witness the whole sky morph from sky blue to stunning rues of orange, red and yellow.

2. Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

The sun sets behind the dois irmãos, the two mountains at the end of the beach, casting long shadows across the beach and illuminating the sky. A chorus of claps from spectators warms the atmosphere when the last of the sun dips behind the horizon.

3. Playa Victoria – Spain

The sun sets over the ocean, creating stunning reflections across the water’s surface.

4. Mount Haleakala – Hawaii

The climb up the dormant volcano is worth the incredible views of one of the most captivating sunsets in the world.

5. Ayers Rock – Australia

Being the largest stone in the world, just visiting Ayers Rock is incredible. Stay for nightfall and the last of the sun’s rays touches the whole landscape, filling the scene with rich and vibrant colours giving the feel of an almost out-of-this-world experience.

Do you have a memory of an extra-special sunset? Perhaps from a far flung destination… or even just in your own back garden!

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