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Brighton I Lisbeth Black

I can smell the sea air as we get out of the car. It’s hot for October in Brighton, so we leave our coats and walk into the town. A colourful array of people pass by, proving joyfully that this place is still as diverse and vibrant as I remember. I look at all the stacked flats as we walk to the seafront, the architecture here being so majestic and strangely higgledy-piggledy that it’s fascinating.

The smell of chips when we get to the sea front is divine. Like a child I move towards the lights and noise of the pier, trying not to look at the water below me. As we enter I spy an elderly couple sitting on a bench with their hands clasped tightly in each other. They are looking out to sea and as I pass with my own partner they smile at us kindly. I smile back and step quickly around a skateboarder whizzing past at high speed.

We stop by a railing and look out. The blue of the sky matches the sea so well they blend together meaning the horizon is broken only with tiny boats. I tilt my face to the sun thinking lazily about lunch and how good it feels to be alive.

Where’s your favourite British seaside town?


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