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Brazil in Britain | Giuliana Militelo

Want to get away to a hotter climate this winter?

While the iconic sporting events have catapulted Brazil to international prominence, up until now the country was not only renowned for its footballers and supermodels but for its Carnival. The Carnival of Brazil is held just before Lent and is the most famous holiday in Brazil. It attracts millions of spectators and participants each year, including tourists.

With the growing Brazilian economy, learning Portuguese is more popular now than ever before. This romantic language is not just the official language of Portugal and Brazil, but also several African and South American countries including Mozambique, Uruguay and Cape Verde. A strong history of colonisation means that the language is also prominent in certain parts of China, India and Malaysia. Portuguese is in fact the sixth most spoken language in the world! If you can’t afford a plane ticket to Brazil this winter or anytime in the near future, learning Portuguese is always a way to capture the spirit of Rio.

Where will you travel to this winter?


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