A Trip to Buenos Aires | Sarah Brown

Ever fancied a trip to the second largest city in South America? Buenos Aires has so much to offer. For your next trip, here are some must-dos whilst you're there.

Visit La Boca

An irresistibly charming neighbourhood, La Boca is associated with football and tango. With stunning visuals of rows of brightly coloured buildings, it is the most photographed area in the city. Take time out to watch mesmerising tango dancers in the street or cheer on a football match at the famous Boca stadium.

Drink Mate

A herbal tea, Mate (pronounced Ma-tay) is an immensely popular drink in Argentina. Having brewed the green leaves in an intricately decorated cup, the tea is drunk through a silver straw before being passed to the next person. It’s an acquired taste but one worth trying.

Party in Plaza Serrano

When the sun goes down, party-goers come out to play in the many bars and restaurants in Plaza Serrano in classy neighbourhood Palermo. All week this place stays up with loud music and drinks available until the sun comes up and beyond.

Learn Spanish

Argentina has arguably one of the most beautiful Spanish accents, making it a great opportunity to practice your Spanish with friendly, helpful locals. There are plenty of language schools there with courses available.


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