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Paintings of Nguyen Lan Vy | Le Thanh Hai

The young artist, Nguyễn Lan Vy, is not concerned about the appreciation of her art on conventional merit.

When drawing a horse she does not try to capture its exact appearance, but rather, is happy with a certain likeness. Furthermore, when feeling that the piece is not strong enough, she adapts an idea and is satisfied with a helicopter when she is unable to draw a good enough plane!

According to Trần Ngọc Thêm- Professor of Vietnam Studies, Vietnamese Folklore artists used precisely this method in their creative works. In the ‘Postmodern’ world this is also what we can anticipate from an expressionist like Nguyễn Lan Vy who finds inspiration in music and reproduces this on a two-dimensional space.

Already with her own distinct style, I believe that Nguyễn Lan Vy is becoming a citizen of the ‘Global Art World’, and we could all use her method of self-expression and encourage our children to give art a try!

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