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There are many variables which can make or break a business but one important aspect is often overlooked- the workforce, especially how happy they are in their job role.

The importance of happy staff is definitely more noticeable in a shop. I would even dare to say that customers don't mind paying extra for a good product if the salesperson is helpful and kind to them.

A positive attitude throughout the day, the willingness to find a particular item without caring if it takes some time to find and being close enough to help the customer when needed are three positive things that only efficient and happy staff do, and today's customers definitely notice and appreciate that!

A contented workforce makes the difference even when mistakes are made. The way staff apologise and acknowledge mistakes in order to regain the customer's trust can be the difference between return custom and resentment; from never returning to the shop to considering a lawsuit... An unhappy customer can also be very vocal and destroy the shop's online reputation, which will take its toll on future custom.

In today's online world, who doesn't google a shop before visiting it in order to read what other customer’s experiences are.

It is a win-win situation for every business owner and probably much cheaper than an advertising campaign if you make the staff proud to be working for the business.

Keep your customers happy by keeping the staff happy!

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