Podcasts: a new way to connect | Maureen Good

Be it on their daily commute, whilst running errands, or to wind down at the end of the day, people across the world have turned to a new form of content: podcasts.

These free audio episodes are available in the hundreds; pick any topic, there is probably a #podcast out there for you! While this may seem overwhelming, worry not: I come to you today with my top picks for your auditory enjoyment:

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

With its two-hour long episodes, this podcast is the perfect soundtrack to your daily chores. These honest interviews with experts in various fields (albeit featuring many of your favourite actors) will leave you feeling empathetic and renew your faith in the world.

Kermode on Film

Film critic Mark Kermode’s weekly podcast will delight film enthusiasts across the board. From film reviews to lively debates with guest podcaster and young filmmaker Jack Howard, these episodes will both entertain and give you fresh movie ideas for your next film night!

Talking politics

Whilst more academic in nature, this final podcast remains accessible to a wide audience. Cambridge professors and politics scholars David Runciman and Helen Thompson explore current events (sometimes veering to the subject of Westham football club) and discuss their unique perspectives, a great way to keep up with the news without getting lost in the endless stream of articles on major news websites.

Podcasts are the perfect way to stay in touch with the outside world and connect to people and cultures you might never have encountered otherwise.

So, turn on your preferred device, put on those headphones, and stay connected!

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