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Habitual Learning | Chaneen Salako

I am a Playstation gamer, not an obsessive one, but I do #play enough to know my way around without even thinking about it.

My family from France came to visit me this week and they don't speak, read or write any English. I changed the #language setting on the Playstation to #French so that they could understand it, and in the process learned a few things myself…

When you’re a habitual user of something and you can do it with your eyes closed, why not try changing the language if possible. You will begin to pick up the new language, it's similar to a translation method and it works!

This techno-translation method works best on your phone and tablet, video game. You already know which button means 'back,’ 'cancel' or 'accept,' so you can learn the #translation and though only a small step it’s a start.

I’m currently en-route to France; and will put it to practice and see what my small step of learning has done for my #communication #skills.

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