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What’s on the Menu? | Leslie Bank

As if booking #flights and #hotels wasn’t challenging enough, you also need to develop at least a basic knowledge of the #culture, #language, and #geography if you want to have a smooth and enriching experience.

It’s a given that travelling to another country is no easy feat.

One important thing to consider before booking your trip is researching ingredients in the local food #favourites. This is especially important if you have food allergies, like peanuts or gluten, as you don’t want to risk your health and ruin your trip. Sure, you could play it safe and stick to McDonalds or Subway, but what if you visit an area that doesn’t have these global restaurants? What if you are visiting family or attend a catered business meeting?

What if the servers do not speak your language and you don’t know how to ask ingredients in their language?

In this situation you need to be prepared, in order, to prevent possible food poisoning or allergic reactions, ensuring the food you eat abroad will only enrich your experience (with its tastiness) can be as easy as asking someone who has travelled to the country or looking online to find out what you can eat on the #menu.


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