Tenet: spearheading a return to ‘normal’? | Maureen Good

The release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet on August 26th after having been delayed then postponed indefinitely seems to mark an important moment for the post-covid-19 entertainment industry.

Nolan being a pioneer in his field, one of the few filmmakers whose creative vision rivals the confines of the possible, it seems that the decision to release Tenet after much tiptoeing may pave the way for other film releases and a slow return to normal for the movie industry.Indeed, the future of this industry, reliant from inception to end on collaboration requiring physical closeness, from movie sets all the way to the screening room, became hazy during the early days of the global pandemic, with sets shutting down and major film releases being delayed (we all remember feeling disappointed as the newest James Bond movie, expected to open in April, was immediately delayed to November as a precautionary measure). Although disheartening, these were necessary health measures and the fate of the film industry was low on the list of priorities back in March. Since then, however, new ways of approaching filmmaking have been discussed, from ideas on how to shoot new movies (having a completely closed film set for example) to new norms for socially distancing, which are allowing for the return of entertainment and culture outside the home.

Perhaps Nolan will once again open new ways of ‘doing’ film, with other filmmakers following suit – will Wes Anderson’s new movie The French Dispatch be next?

In the meantime, it is up to each of us to find, like the film industry, ways to adapt to this new normal while staying safe (and eating as much popcorn as possible!)


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