FINNEAS: 10 000 hours to the Grammys? | Maureen Good

His talent and musical sensibility, showcased in both his and his sister’s music, a gift to our ears.

With the release of his sister Billie Eilish’s new song ‘my future’, whose music he famously produces, and a deluxe version of his own album ‘Blood Harmony’, Finneas Baird O’Connell, stylised FINNEAS, has once again dazzled his fans with his heartfelt musical honesty.

Despite appearances, however, this success has not come without its fair share of hard work: the gammy-award winning musician has repeatedly referenced the famous ‘10 000 hours’ required to become an expert in any field, which have helped him get to where he is today. He opened up about how this symbolic number motivated him to make music and kept him going all these years, posting on Instagram a picture of a neon ‘10 000 hours’ sign, a reminder of his hard work and accomplishments gifted by his girlfriend Claudia.

Yet hard work alone cannot account for the success of the young musician and producer.

Finneas’ passion for music is clear, as anyone who has listened to the heart-breaking tones of ‘I Lost a Friend’ or the lyrical playfulness of ‘Shelter’ can attest to. As advice to young musicians, Finneas called for them to follow their own journeys and enjoy the way there; advice honouring the individuality and originality of the young man and his music, a source of inspiration to artists everywhere.

Let us, therefore, follow Finneas’ example and listen to our passions and individuality, letting them guide each of us on our way to success.


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