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Language and the Brain | Elisa Baelus

In another life I would have liked to be a #neuroscientist. How endlessly fascinating it must be to peruse the maze that is our brain! How scary too, to realize that it is the control room that governs everything we do. Make no #mistake, one little hitch up there can have about same impact on our lives as say a strike that one minor railway union can have on a national network.

On the other hand, our brain is also influenced by external stimuli. A baby’s brain is a blank canvas, and although you could say in a very #crude and far from #scientific way that our brains have a certain amount of basic biological wiring, no one will deny the crucial influence a child’s #education will have on the rest of its life.

Apparently the languages we speak also affect our brain. Not too long ago I came across this article online stating that #bilingual people have less of a chance of getting Alzheimer’s. Fingers crossed that that is true, and that by ‘bilingual’ they actually meant someone who uses more than one language on a daily basis, with varying levels of success. Hey, if the brain really is a #muscle you need to train, then surely it’s the effort that counts?

On second thought, scratch that idea of being a neuroscientist. If I could just choose to embark on an alternative career path, I would want to be a neurolinguist. If brain science and linguistics married and had a baby, its name would be neurolinguistics and it would be absolutely #perfect.

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