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A Day Trip | Tim Lai-Smith

Do you have a favourite sport?

I follow a #football team in the English League two and when the fixture list is announced I always look over it with keen interest to see when my #team is playing in the area or somewhere nice or new to visit. Sometimes we get a #trip to the #seaside during the summer months or a trip locally during the winter.

This weekend my team is playing away from home, and not too far from where I live. We managed to get some tickets and are planning a day out. When we are heading somewhere new I always like to check out the practicalities for #traveling to the place and what there is to see.

Tomorrow though the #stadium is situated off the same river I live, I don’t really fancy a 15-hour riverside walk. The trains have been replaced by buses, still cost a lot and takes a long time so driving seems the best option.

I of course hope my team wins, but I am looking forward to a day out with my dad. I guess that is one reason I enjoy going to games, the football is just an excuse to catch up and have a boys day out!


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