‘Home’ London

July 28, 2020

What does London have to offer?


It is easy to forget the value of London when your perspective of the #city is limited by the terms #‘home’ and #‘work’, both of which have probably become humdrum.  Instead, ingratitude of what London truly has on offer quickly grows; but this can be easily cured by spending some #time out and about, absorbing the #wealth of what the city really has to offer.


I tried to do just this and trudged through the sludge of #tourist crowds in the clammy #July #heat of last week while my companion, from the top of her voice, quoted to me a ballpark figure of how many #million #tourists London welcomes to its pavements every #summer.


Worn out, overwhelmed with #culture and wanting my humdrum bed back I took the #tube home, joined by forty #American teenagers claiming their share of what little oxygen was left for me in the #carriage. I found myself aggravated by this uncomfortable situation, not helped by the degree to which the Americans expressed excitement at it; and then I was struck by the intensity of the phenomenon of how this multitude of people feel such an attraction to London.  I was appreciative, in that stifling moment, that what for many is a mere tourist #experience, for me is ‘home’.



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