Instagram Filters Nasty Remarks | Diogo Silva Santos

Social media websites are nowadays a #virtual place where everyone likes to watch and comment what others say or show off. Unfortunately, #popularity does come along with some issues that are as old as mankind itself: jealousy and cowardice.

When we use social media websites we are placing ourselves in the #limelight, and it does matter the sort of background and education the viewer has if the nice things we sometimes end up showing are considered to be annoying or aspirational.

Instagram is using #Artificial Intelligence to wipe out every nasty remark written on the comment section of its users' photos. It began last September as a simple approach by only removing words and phrases identified as offensive (users could also add their own custom banned phrases). Now, the system is a lot smarter as it uses machine learning to identify comments that seem offensive and also takes into account the reply's context.

When a comment is identified as inappropriate it will be blocked for everyone, except the person who wrote it, so that they don't realise this and try to make some effort to beat the system. The offensive comment filter is on by default in all Instagram accounts, and users have the option to turn it off or add more custom words and phrases that should be blocked as well. The filter only works in English but will be expanded to other languages "over time".


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