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Hygge - Happiness according to the Danish | Diogo Silva Santos

According to the 2016 World Happiness, the Danish are the happiest people on Earth! The secret for this coveted happiness? ‘hygge.’

Hygge is a concept that doesn't have a direct #translation in English but can be explained as the true feeling of happiness every one of us has when everyday things make us more #cozy and comfortable!

It can be a warm cup of tea in front of a fireplace during winter, the feeling you get during #Christmas with traditions and family combined to make memories that last a lifetime or the ice cream that feels so right after a long summer walk...

The great thing about this 'secret' is that it can be used by everyone, not just the Danish. Unfortunately, daily stress often means that many people still don't value these precious moments, that don't need any sort of planning and offer a sense of well-being to both our body and mind.

'Enjoy the moment' should be our motto, one that is indeed easy to achieve if we pay emotional attention to it.

The more moments of #happiness we manage to have every day, the better our life seems to be! The more we feel that life is indeed worth living, the better we face the small everyday obstacles.

The Danish word #hygge was written for the first time in the 19th century. Today, it may be threatened by the ubiquitous influence of gadgets and TV that crave our undivided attention to these objects, rather than to our partner or friend. Unlike anything silly that has become 'viral' on the Internet, this concept is catching the world's attention. And (for once) it is a good thing.


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