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Choosing a Language

Assuming you have made the decision to learn another #language, you are now faced with the task of choosing a language to #learn. There are many factors to consider when making this decision: how much time can you devote, how #fluent you want to become, and why you want to learn. If you have always wanted to travel to Spain and have finally booked the trip for the following year, it would not really make sense to practice the #Spanish spoken in #Ecuador or #Cuba.

If you are learning a language for #professional reasons, there are additional factors you may want to consider. What language do your clients speak? Is there a mixture of #dialects among your clients? Are there populations of language speakers who are not your clients but could be? Is your interaction with clients primarily spoken, written, or both?

Once you’ve answered these questions, then you can then plan your steps towards #learning a language. By considering these questions, you are setting up personal goals and can better evaluate how to accomplish them.

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