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A Good Way to Stay in Touch

What do you have planned for today? Today my family and I will be traveling to #Southend-On-Sea for a 90th Birthday celebration.

Before the #celebration we plan to have a day out at the seaside hoping to walk the pier, play some mini-golf and if there is time visit the #aquarium.

In the evening we will be heading to the #celebration where I will see relatives that I have not seen since my #wedding 7 years ago, and also many new family members born in the last few years. Yet it does not seem that long since we last saw each other and the children are not strangers- I even know all of their names. It is with the aid of #social networking that I have been able to see what the family has been up to, share in the #births and keep in touch via #messages both short and long.

It will be good to see them all in person and there will be a lot of catching up to do, although it does not feel like years since I last saw them, or much longer since I spent time with them in person. This is the true advantage of #social networking and soon my other friends and family will see online what we did at the #seaside.

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