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The Moment It Clicks

Have you ever been frustrated when learning something new?

For anyone who has ever struggled with #understanding something, whether it is math, a game, or a language, has likely experienced that moment when everything just clicks. After #agonizing and #stressing over it for hours, maybe even months or years, you finally have an epiphany. This moment alone makes the journey worthwhile.

I remember struggling with reading when I was younger, the embarrassment of being the only one in my grade level who couldn’t read. Once I could read, I felt fulfilled. It made me believe that I could conquer any #challenge.

When I started to become serious about learning other languages, I faced a similar struggle. Although the majority of people in my hometown spoke Spanish, allowing me to pick up conversational #skills fairly quickly, I was illiterate in #Spanish. I couldn’t look up words in the dictionary or type messages since I didn’t know how to spell any of the words, much less understand the rules of where to insert accent marks. Luckily for me, learning to read in #English gave me the necessary skills to slowly build my reading and writing skills in Spanish. Because I had already gone through this struggle once, I knew I could do it again.

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