Learning Languages

For many soon-to-be undergraduates, their degree will somewhat link towards their #subjects studied at school. Yet most students don’t know what to expect from their degree, let alone their future job prospects.

The number of students taking an A-Level in a foreign language is at an all-time low, thus lessening the demand for them at #university. This is despite the wide array of languages many establishments offer, ranging from French to Scandinavian Studies to Urdu. Today, 8 out of 10 businesses are looking for language speakers, not just for the evident communicational reasons but also because those who study #languages at university are often likely to be confident, independent, cultured and outgoing. This may be due to the third year abroad where one is plunked in another country and has to rely on their own knowledge and skills to make sense of their surroundings and temporary life.

The question beckons: why aren’t languages appealing anymore? The government is now launching an investigation into language #teaching in secondary schools, and what is it that makes them so avoidable. The need for #multilingual speakers is always present – it’s never too late to learn.

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