My #train is late and stuffy. I am distracting myself by thinking of tracing a finger over your bare ribs as we laze in the grass. A woman sharply announces further delays but I am now watching #carp shimmer in the water with the heat of his hand in mine.

Everything from #summer fades into dreamy remembrance. It’s almost as if the brightness stays on the edge of the vision like a #photograph taken of the sun. I can suddenly recall the feel of #ice #pops against my lips, the sharpness of #ripe #tomatoes and the smell of #pork #chops as we #barbecued them by the back door.

Soon it will be time for lines of ants to march purposefully past my feet and to sleep without the quilt I have curled in all #winter. My bare legs smelling of #cocoa #butter making him smile as we stick to the black #car seats.

Watching as his dark arm encases mine and the smell of the water as we eat #noodles and #ice cream almost every day. Sitting on plastic chairs after work, sharing a pot of #coffee, his bare feet. The #train pulls in and I am on the packed carriage with strangers but the light gleaming through the window tells me that soon.....

.....our sunshine will come.

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