The Bliss of the Local Library

How do you use your local library?

Libraries in London and in the whole of the UK should be the national pride and #joy! They are designed in such a way that you can live in them, and live decently. Short of staying for the night of course, you will get told off if the librarian catches you snoring… then again, he might just be kind and understanding enough to just let you make the most of your time there.

For all the people whose phone goes dead on them, the #library is a lifesaver! For all the people whose dates get cancelled, the library is the consoler. For people caught up in the rain, the library is the perfect shelter. For all the people who can’t pay their bills, the library is where you come to charge your batteries, laptops, use the Internet, print your CV’s, photocopy your bank statement etc. What’s more, libraries tend to be full of #opportunities for you to actually make something out of your life!That something may not be what you see in your boldest dreams, but at least you can make your time on Earth count. #Voluntary positions are available, working with young people, elderly people, vulnerable people, teaching English, attending events, getting courses for a job…

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