Today I got to be a Hero! The #sun was shining bright and the #day was looking good. As I dried the seats on my balcony with the intention of #relaxing with my morning cup of tea, I noticed a #boat drifting helplessly downstream on the River Trent.

I jumped into action; I grabbing my keys and slipping on my #"running shoes". I had a half-mile #sprint to the #bridge to cross the river so I could help.

As you can imagine I looked like a hero jumping the gate (rather than opening it) to the cow field nearest the drifting boat. In my mind it looked like a #slow-motion scene of #Mitch from #Baywatch. I was tempted to rip of my shirt when the rope was tossed and let my #muscles shine in the morning sun... but I didn’t.

I caught the ropes (whilst shouting safety instructions to the old lady because I didn't want to have to dive in to save her too) and pulled the #boat safely to the side, even managing to miss the hidden rocks. They seemed pleased and thanked me many times.

When I got home my tea was cold, I was hot and my shoes had something brown on them... It is sometimes hard being a hero, but always worth it!


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