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The Importance of Reading

I was so shocked to find that there are some people in the world who don’t read for pleasure; I was sure it was a myth much like #Loch Ness or #Bigfoot! I mean, how could people not realise what they were missing?

So much of my childhood was spent reading and it was much more than a simple pleasure, #books could be a refuge, a secret door, where you learned lessons of how it might be to walk in another’s shoes. They were #adventures I couldn’t have first hand and fears that I could escape from if it became too much.

As an adult I now realise the extent to which books have impacted my# vocabulary, my imagination and my urge to #write, and it is something I am forever grateful for. For those who aren’t readers, I’m sure they have found their own refuge; like #gardening or #sport, outlets that fulfil them satisfactorily, yet I still can’t help that bout of sympathy for those who say they aren’t really into reading. One such person is my dad who will generalise the entire book world as ‘boring’ and scorn the amount I own at every opportunity but coming from a man whose outlet is #fishing, I find it difficult to be too offended.

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