Ayrton Senna

Twenty-five years ago, I lost a hero, and #Formula One lost a legend.

I never met him but was always glued to the TV every Sunday to watch him race.

I couldn't understand why he continued to push himself and the car to the limit, accelerating into every straight and corner as if he were in last position, when he was in poll position with a huge lead on the driver in second-place. It annoyed me because I knew that pushing the car so much increased the chance of a mechanical failure or human error. In some races that was exactly what happened, and he lost them even though they would have been an easy win.

Now I understand why. He was not racing against others, he was racing against himself!

He saved another F1 driver's life: Everyone was busy testing the cars to have a better chance of winning the next race, many saw first-hand the same crash that he did, only #Ayrton Senna stopped to help his fellow driver Érik Comas. Senna got out of his car, ran towards the crash, dodged a few of the 'busy' racers, managed to shut down the smashed car's engine and prevented a huge explosion from happening. Why? Because there are more important things than winning a race. I'm pretty sure that every single one of the drivers competing that day would agree with this, but Senna was the only one that stopped.

That is why 25 years after his last #race, I and many other fans are still talking about him and miss him. I hope to be able to race with him someday...


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