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A Greener Apple is a Good Thing

Whenever successful companies look into their products and decide that they should be much more environmentally friendly, our #planet #Earth is thankful for that wise choice.

The use of #recycled parts and greener materials that are easier to recycle when the products eventually become obsolete should be a top priority for every company during the development stage, and as important as the hardware or the aesthetics of the product.

However, this #green movement can only be successful and replicated by other companies if their clients force them to change - we should always prefer the #greener products.

Apple is apparently making an effort to make their products greener, and their ultimate goal is that the next #Mac computers and #iPhones can be built using only recycled materials. Their famous Liam robots (that were presented during the latest iPhone launch) have last year reportedly disassembled more than 2 million of the iPhone 6, which allows a saving of 4,000 pounds of aluminium for every 100,000 disassembled iPhones.

These recovered materials that would otherwise go to a waste bin were used to make a set of Mac Mini computers, which are now used to control the iPhone assembly line. Apple has also explained that services like the iMessage, FaceTime and Siri run on data centres that are exclusively powered by renewable energy.

Hopefully, other companies will follow this great example from Apple.

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