The perfect Pizza... Made by a Robot!

Little Caesars is a chain of #restaurants known for their great pizzas. They are considered the third-largest pizza chain in the United States (behind Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza) and their #international presence is growing slowly but steadily.

What apparently isn't slow is their desire to innovate, which is why they have recently submitted a patent application on a robot that can prepare the "perfect pepperoni pizza!" It looks like a kitchen table and includes three 'stations': a pizza sauce spreading station; a cheese spreading station; and a pepperoni applying station. The robot also has an articulating arm with a gripper attached to grab onto pizzas. It ensures the "proper cheese and pepperoni distribution" which must be the secret to the perfect pizza.

It is clear that with small adjustments this robot can create as many and different #pizzas as desired, which isn't good news for the workers who are currently preparing pizzas but "will thus be relieved of boring and repetitive tasks" in order to do other tasks that only humans can do.

It is undeniable that sooner or later we will all have to share our workstations with robots. The fear of the unknown makes us suspicious of how smooth this transition will be. It is certain that some tasks (and jobs) will be done by machines but they still need a human to program and repair them. New jobs and opportunities will surely come, and humans must do what they have always done so much better and quicker than machines: learn and adapt to new tasks.


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