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Refuge du Goûter

If anyone wanted evidence of "where there is a will, there is a way!," the Refuge du Goûter proves how mankind's resourcefulness and ingenuity can deliver a sustainable and environment-friendly answer for the most #adventurous skiers of the world.

Located at more than 12,000 feet, this innovative Alpine refuge can accommodate 120 people, and is considered the world's best environment-friendly building thanks to energy-efficient solutions developed by Schneider Electric.

The refuge has a wood and stainless steel structure, and is energetically self-sufficient through the use of solar panels, biomass generators and batteries. These solutions have been adapted to support the extreme conditions the #Refuge du Goûter has to sustain due to the harsh #Mont Blanc's weather, where low temperatures and windstorms are common.

Although #skiing is still an activity considered by many to be reserved only for the wealthy among us, its interesting combination of sport and nature does make skiers more aware of the #environment, and how the preservation of it benefits us all.

The Refuge du Goûter is definitely worth a 'Google visit' to see a beautiful example of how nature and humans can work together.

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