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How Free Should Free Schools Be?

In the wake of the #2010 general #election, the new Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition #government introduced the idea of the ‘free school’ to the UK; the first 24 opened in autumn 2011.

Based on similar models to those in #Sweden, #Chile, #Canada and the #USA, free schools are #tax-payer #funded and free to attend, yet not controlled by any local authority. Instead, they are governed by #non-profit #charitable #trusts, offering a wide-ranging and balanced #curriculum.

While all schools, including free schools, are subject to #Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) inspections, real cracks have begun to show in the free school system.

One thing is certain- in the realm of education in #Britain today, there are few policies more controversial or reports more damning than those surrounding the #UK’s free schools.

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