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Translation = more business opportunities!

The Internet brought customers from all over the world to your business, but you have to make sure you take advantage of it. Nowadays, customers are getting used to search #online for that special product and they don't mind getting it from another country.

However, they expect the effort to be understood is also made by the foreign company and not entirely by themselves. It is #frustrating to find exactly the product one wants but not being able to order it due to language barriers.

A business leader has to properly follow what the customers wants, and it's crystal clear that clients feel more comfortable doing business in their native tongue. Having a #website accurately translated into the most spoken languages in the world, namely #Chinese; French; German; #Russian; #Spanish and #Portuguese is invaluable, creating much more business opportunities than relying solely on English. Having a customer service that can answer in those languages is also a great competitive advantage, and it's not as difficult as it may seem to have one, you just need to develop some contacts with translating agencies or #freelance translators.

Don't rely on Google Translator. Although an inexpensive alternative, it may quickly become very expensive when it wrongly translates your point of view or your clients', creating #confusion or conflict, which may lead to a loss of business.

Giving the #customers what they want and establishing trustworthy business relationships with the help of a clear foreign communication will definitely help your #business stand out and be relied upon.

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