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What’s your favourite type of exercise?

#Running isn’t just about the #exercise. Obviously, the exercise is part of it but after a while it develops into something of a whole #life makeover, it grows to be an intrinsic part of #yourself. You start liking that you’re one of a handful of #runners who dragged themselves out of bed at the crack of #dawn and you nod to them as you pass with a general feeling of great euphoria.

It is converted in the spirit and the urge to #push yourself. Running that extra #mile when you are exhausted can be turned into a way to #achieve more during the rest of the day. Hitting the pavement after ten hours of work isn’t just a great way to de-stress it proves that you are never too tired to improve. You need a #strong #body to run but you need an even stronger #mind. Something has to keep you going through mile after mile of parked cars or boring greenery.

It becomes a #metaphor for #success. #Push harder, do better, and go #further. Ignore the cramps and laboured breathing, ignore the #pain! It’s hard, its #brutal but you have to keep going.

That’s life!


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