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The Plight of the Server, and how to Behave Accordingly

#London is famous for its fine dining #social scene. It’s also home of the laborious #environment to which the workforce is sadly subjected. Fatigue, lack of nutrients, and most of all stress from the authoritarian rule lead to daily calamities in the very restaurants and bars we frequent and love.

While we gallantly style ourselves in glamour, while we peruse the streets lined with boozers and bars, to the greeting by the host of our chosen #hotspot and finally to the moment that we hopefully pay the bill, we have little to none as to what is taking place on the other side of the table. Confusion, stress, and the battle for #energy permeate the staff through the long hours, day after day.

It seems that we as diners have either forgotten, never known, or simply don’t understand the pressures the staff undergo. They fight a constant battle to cope with stress, to maintain composure, and to do it all with a smile.

Treat your waiter with courtesy. Treat your bartender with gratitude. And treat your #chef with appreciation by ordering items as the #menu dictates.

Everyone has bad days, but these workers most likely have it worse than they lead you to believe. Be kind, quiet, and enjoy your experience. And never order a virgin piña colada.


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