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Once upon a time...

According to a recent study published by the University of Pennsylvania we like stories, and most of us also notice the storyteller. Women in general prefer men who are able to tell a good story, as for the men it is more complicated than that.

Most of the 400 American #students that took part in the study considered those who were great storytellers to have a high social status. Female students even considered the best male storytellers as suitable husbands! However, when male students were asked to think about potential brides, they didn't favour female #storytellers any higher than other girls. The study suggests that there might be an evolutional perspective to explain this difference of opinions between male and female students.

The female sex being biological, #historical and culturally linked to the role of caring for offspring are also used to identifying as advantageous, the ability of men telling stories, maybe as a sign of higher knowledge, intelligence and good judgment. Furthermore, being well-spoken, extroverted, able to speak in public and open to new experiences are considered characteristics of a natural leader. On the other hand, from the male perspective, the fact that a girl is a great storyteller isn't considered very important nor more desirable than other characteristics, namely natural beauty or a nice smile. In fact, during the millions of years of human #evolution, men may have regarded with great suspicion, women who crave public attention.

Today's civilisation is very different from the one of our ancestors but it is interesting to realise that some fears and desires can be explained by what was normal in the past. However, we are continuously evolving (although sometimes in a slower pace than desirable), and perhaps a study made in a few decades time might show us something different. Evolution is just that: the constant change (albeit slow) of behaviours and ways to face the reality of the present.


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