Flowers vs Herbs

March 3, 2020

I live in a flat with small balcony where I put some pots to raise spring onions, basil, lettuces and more. #Vietnamese kitchen’s always need the above, fresh and in small amounts, and this way I don't have to take a trip to the #supermarket for a full packet of salad leaves, only to use just a few and waste the rest.


I was immensely proud of my #herb "garden" until seeing my neighbour's balcony that is!  Her pots are currently blooming with a colourful array of flowers that match the Chilean flag.


It’s true that my lettuces produce yellow flowers from time to time, and my spring onion flowers also attract bees and butterflies. But alas, it is no comparison to hers I #muse; looking out there with envy whilst my own produce gets #attacked by insects that seemingly come from nowhere to invade all possible green spaces- or mine anyway!


If you know of any herbs with colourful flowers or any flowers which are edible, insect-proof, and able to #survive without water and #sun, let me know, and perhaps I’ll win ‘battle of the balconies’ over the icy #winter months- now there’s a thought…



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