Todd | Mac

"Hi, my name is Todd, I'm from The Killing fields..."

I could have flown, it would have been by far the simplest option however I have a thing for seeing the places between the places and five hours on a bus is not so bad when weighed against potential vistas, or the chance of an enlightening conversation with a knowledgeable local.


I have no doubt that he, Todd is from Cambodia. I do however doubt that Todd is his given name. I also do not doubt that Todd loves classic Madonna in a way that I really do not. The thought of being sat on a bus with no spare seats for another four and one half hours with the afore mentioned artist bleeding from Todd's headphones really does have me longing for a reclining seat, a cool drink and a view of some cloud tops. Oh, and no Madonna, especially when Todd begins to sing along to Like A Virgin.

This is not the first time I have regretted not taking the most simple of options when travelling, it is also I am sure not my last.

I can only hope that Petra is worth this.


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