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An Example Worth Following from Argentina

The Argentine #publishing company Pequeño Editor is launching children books designed to be planted when one finishes reading them! The green message of the books, overlap the written stories, and their unusual ending will definitely surprise the reader, regardless of age. According to the company, it is a way to give back to #nature what was taken from it.

There are already small Jacaranda trees in #Argentina that were born from one of the latest books "Mi Papa Estuvo en la Selva" (My Dad was in the Jungle)! The #book tells the real story of a father and son in the dense equatorial #rainforest, and contains Jacaranda seeds hidden in the paper. The pages are made of acid-free recycled paper and the illustrations are printed with biodegradable ink.

Everything was carefully planned to make sure that when the book is planted it doesn't hurt the #environment in any way. Those interested in buying these books will have to order them directly from the publishing company, as they are not for sale elsewhere. The idea behind this is to allow #educational institutions to organise public #events, where the books are read, planted and watered, and finally turn into a #beautiful tree, while everyone remembers their #stories.

What do you think about this?

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