The Importance of Eating

With chaos and stress plaguing our daily tasks, #London has proven itself to be a vampire that sucks the time right out of us. We don’t always have a slot in our schedule to #relax, #cook, and enjoy our food.

There is an abundance of #diet plans out there, all nearly impossible to abide by. And even if we do, aren’t they just as expensive as they sound? All that needs to be done is to buy fresh and local products, and make it simple. It is the simplicity that’s key here. With garlic, chili, salt, pepper and oil, there’s not much that can go wrong. The simplicity of any vegetable pan seared together with these #ingredients is extraordinary. Instead of grabbing the crisps, take a head of broccoli, bag of mushrooms, or any veg, and indulge thyself.

The #Paleo Diet is one that comes close to making sense. As restrictive diets can be scary, it might be wise to take elements from those that are free from too many rules, and incorporate them into our daily routines. Eating #natural and real food with no preservatives or other additives is a practice we should all be exercising. If we have the time for Facebook, we certainly can find the time to eat well.


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