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Dovestone, Saddleworth

The hike up has been hard but #beautiful. We’ve walked over a #reservoir, up a fairly giant #hill and over stones to land in one of the most beautiful #places I’ve ever seen. I have to admit that it’s cold up here though. The wind is stinging my face and biting at my hands causing me to wrap my scarf a little tighter around my neck before I take a good #look around. I am standing on the edge of a #stream which is flowing rapidly down the #valley with water so clear I can see the stream bed.

“Up!” says my partner and I follow his finger to notice that we are standing in the middle of a valley. He walks off in front of me and I follow. I’m not a #seasoned #hiker so I put my feet in the dips he leaves and grab hold of anything I can while we make the #ascent. I stop and start but finally manage to join him at the #top, rosy cheeked and beaming with pride. The #view from here is magnificent. I can see the stream, the deep V of the #valleys meeting and the #moors stretching for miles ahead.

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