How to Best Enjoy the Company of a Pet

Enjoying the company of a pet can be very rewarding to everyone in a family, and indeed a lesson on how kind and fragile nature can be, and how we should all do our best to protect it.

The most popular #pets are cats and dogs and for a very good reason - they have been around us for quite some time now, and because of this close relationship they have evolved their #personality traits in such a way that both species truly benefit from each other's company.

The independence, cleverness and tough love of a cat, and the playfulness and extreme #loyalty of a dog is something every one of us should experience at least once, especially while growing up.

However, no matter how long we have enjoyed their #company and how confident we are about their relaxed character, we should never forget they still possess an animal’s instinct. Like human beings are capable of using all types of actions to defend themselves (even though they may regret them later), when an animal feels threatened it can really hurt those around them.

In San Diego (USA), according to a family report all it took for an #American Staffordshire Terrier-mix to feel threatened and attack was a sudden (loud) cough from a young mother, whose 3-day-old baby boy was unfortunately bitten in the head by the startled dog. The young family and the dog were all in the same bed watching TV...

What we should all learn from this unfortunate episode is that a dog (or a cat) deserves our respect and easily earns our affection but for the benefit of both species they should be treated like animals, not like a person. We should understand their animal instincts, respect them, and never keep them unsupervised near our defenseless #children.

A baby boy was lost and a #dog later put down not only because there were no physical boundaries between an animal and a baby boy, but also (and especially) due to a too relaxed attitude towards a pet that can't stop being an animal with all of its natural instincts, irrational actions and fears.

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