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Valentine Nightmare

Since there is no escaping it, we might as well face the oncoming ordeal which is lurking on our doorstep, #Valentine’s Day! Like some flowery and #heart adorned omen, Valentine’s day is much more than a day, it’s a month of fluttering eyelashes, heart shaped chocolate boxes and the radio playing endless streams of power ballads. Then there’s the card selection, why is it so horribly #cute? Its either bears encircled in a love-heart with the words ‘to my one true love’ or three kittens wearing bows. The madness doesn’t end here, and people will try to sell anything and everything under the guise of Valentine’s Day! For example, not three seconds ago my antivirus popped up to inform me it had a great ‘Valentine’s Day Deal’, as though somehow the celebration of #love and the continuing fight to keep the computer equivalent of flu at bay were somehow connected.

Okay, so maybe it is a bit bitter of me, but any month which rejoices in the colour pink quite so adamantly was never going to endear me much. Valentine’s Day is a great thought, a nice idea and a bit of fun, but sometimes, just sometimes I think it seems to miss the point… And no, I am definitely not single!

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